Why One of My Favourite New Purchases is a Water Softener

Why One of My Favourite New Purchases is a Water SoftenerIt’s a proven fact that high-quality water is critical for good health. However, did you know that it can also save you money by utilising less energy while extending the life of you appliances? There are actual many physical and financial benefits to owning a water softener system. In fact, one of my favourite new purchases is a water softener.

Home Benefits

While hard water is safe to drink and use, it can cause several problems related to appliance usage and cleaning. Water softeners work to dilute the mineral concentrations in the water which have many benefits for my household.

Application Lifespan

Many of the minerals in hard water accumulate inside of appliances thus shortening their lifespan and decreasing efficiency. Studies have proven that water softening systems extend the life of appliances versus hard water. The longer life of appliances equates to saving money by infrequently replacing them.

Easy Cleaning

One of the leading reasons why one of my favourite new purchases is a water softener is the easier cleaning of dish and clothes. When washing dishes and clothes with hard water, white spots, soapy residue or streaks remain. Using a water softener thoroughly rinses away residue resulting in clean dishes and clothes. Also, soft water reacts well with soap and detergent thus reducing the amount required for cleaning which lowers costs.

Quicker Water Heating

Another advantage is quicker water heating for the dishwasher and in the shower. When there is mineral build-up it takes longer for the water to get hot. With a water softening system, electric and gas-powered water heaters are more efficient.


Plumbing maintenance and flow is another benefit of a soft water system. Hard water leaves mineral deposits in fixtures and pipes which accumulate over time resulting in clogs that shorten the lifespan of the plumbing system. By reducing these deposits there will be less buildup and clogs which will drastically extend the life of the plumbing and allow fixtures to operate at a higher efficiency.

Health Benefits

In addition to the many home applications of a soft water system, there are health benefits as well, including:

Sodium Levels

Salt in the water softening system removes minerals like Calcium and Magnesium during the Ion Exchange Process. This leaves higher levels of sodium in the water which dissolve toxic metals like lead and cadmium that may corrode from the pipes.


Hard water minerals interfere with cleaning tasks and combine to form soap curd. This residue is difficult to eliminate and prevents the skin from returning to its regular condition after bathing, makes hair dull and hard to manage and can cause skin irritation. A water softening system eliminates this issue as it does not contain any of the minerals that produce this residue.

There are many benefits which is why one of my favourite new purchases is a water softener. It is good for my health as well as the appliances and fixtures in my home. They are easy to use and cost-effective when compared to the need of frequently purchasing new appliances and replace plumbing systems.

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