How Bella Got Her Groove Back

exercise-machineA year ago, Bella was your typical Italian-American young woman living in South Jersey. She resided in a house with her two best girlfriends, and these three musketeers did just about everything together. When she wasn’t working at Alicia DiMichele Boutique, she was practicing makeup techniques and tricks she learned from YouTube, downing drinks at Marlton Tavern, or making the short drive to the shore so she can work on her tan and meet some cute shore boys.

After a few years of living the young, uninhibited life, Bella faced what she had been long denying: that she had packed on more than a few pounds and that every few months she had to buy new clothes because she could no longer fit into her old ones. This time, instead of turning to the Patron bottle that had long been her crutch, she called a house meeting with her besties.

Her friends, too, had gained an unhealthy amount of weight. Making a pact to lose the “extra baggage” together and support one another through the process made their weight loss goal much easier to manage than if they were to attempt it themselves. The three musketeers vowed to get back to a healthy weight and for everyone to hold each other accountable.

Bella knew that weight loss was one-half diet, and the other half exercise. The first order of business was to clean out the pantry and refrigerator of unhealthy food options. Water and tea will replace soda and fruit juices loaded with sugar. Fruits and vegetables will replace chips and cookies. Quinoa and brown rice will replace breads and white rice. Chicken and fish will replace bacon and sausages. And so forth. Bella and her housemates decided that one glass of wine with dinner was fine, and that on one night out of the week, they will allow themselves three vodka sodas…because even though they are trying to lose weight, they still got to live a little.

Diet aside, Bella knew she had to develop an exercise routine that would keep her interested and motivated. After a quick Google search, it was apparent that what would best suit her lifestyle and needs is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This type of exercise routine involves alternating intervals of heart-pumping cardio with periods of lower-intensity exercise. HIIT would only take 30 minutes out of her day, and the alternating, short intervals would make the time seem to pass much more quickly. For the high-intensity phase of the exercise, Bella decided to vary her workouts by choosing between running on the treadmill, rowing on the row machine, or climbing stairs. Her lower-intensity phases will involve a short circuit of legs, abs and arms of her choosing. This could mean a set of squats, planks, and push-ups or lunges, crunches, and tricep dips. She found that the rowing machine tending to offer the best all round workout, you can check reviews of models to buy for your own home.

As Bella became acclimated to her exercise regimen, she quickly fell in love with the rowing machine. This machine offered a great entire body workout that raised her heart rate fast. It made her upper body and core work out just as much as her legs, and she felt exhilarated by watching the equipment monitor and trying to keep up her strokes per minute. Bella’s housemates quickly became enamored with the rowing machine as well.

As Bella and her two best friends stuck to their diet and exercise (except for a few days of “falling off the wagon”), the pounds began to melt away from their bodies. Six months into a healthier lifestyle, and Bella was in the best shape of her life. Eating healthy and going to the gym regularly no longer became a chore, but were simply things she did to make her feel good. They were things that she can now not live without. Since her transformation, both physically and mentally, Bella decided she wanted to help others through the same transformational process she experienced and left her retail job to pursue a career in fitness and lifestyle coaching. Bella definitely got her groove back, and she’s happy spreading that to the world.