Why I Never Go Anywhere Without My Headset!

It seems irritating seeing people on the street wearing headphones all the time while using their phones. They don’t care whatever is going on around them. They are also insensitive. They don’t watch where they are heading to. It seems like their lives revolve around their phones only.

I am quite guilty of it. I could not recall the last time I went out of my house without wearing a headset or bringing my phone with me. It seems like a reflex. I have to bring these devices with me all the time. I believe some people think it is irritating, but I have my reasons for doing so.


People have different ways of focusing on something. For me, blocking out the outside world is a way of being focused. I can write emails, compose songs, chat with important people, create a to-do list and many more if I am listening to a song and I don’t hear the loud noise elsewhere. This is my way of centering my attention on the task at hand. I am the type of person who easily gets disturbed. I could not get the job done if I hear a lot of unnecessary noise.

Fighting boredom

Although I have an active lifestyle, there are times when I finish tasks earlier than expected. There are moments when I am doing nothing else and I don’t have anyone to speak with. This is when I bring my headphone out and listen to a song. I also watch videos online. This usually happens when I am on a public transportation. I believe it is better as I am not disturbing anyone with the loud sounds from my mobile device.

Time for reflection

I always believe that people must have an alone time each day. This is a moment when you just forget everything else and reflect on your life in general. You stop thinking about the bills you need to pay, your kids and their problems, and all other problems. You just think about yourself and appreciate what life has to offer. Considering how fast-paced life is today, we usually miss out on this moment. I don’t. This is with the help of my headphone. I simply turn a relaxing music on and I completely lock myself out in a different dimension be it when I’m sitting on the porch or running.

Taking responsibility

Even if I am using a headset and mobile phone almost all the time, I see to it that I don’t disturb other people. I also stop using the device when I am walking in public, and take time to appreciate the beauty of things around me. I am not the type who only cares about myself and nothing else. I am a responsible smartphone user and I encourage everyone to be the same.

There is nothing wrong if you want to use your headset all the time. We all have our own strategies to cope up with the challenges of life, and have working styles that are different from the rest. This is how I deal with my personal issues. This is also how I manage work-related tasks. You don’t necessarily have to follow what I do. I am also not saying what I am doing is the right thing. My point is that we should all discover our unique strengths and find a way to make the most out of them.

Most of all, I am not asking for an excuse for my behaviour. I stand by this behaviour because I know I am not hurting anyone. If I do, I am quick to apologize for my actions. We are in a modern age where we have tools at our disposal that are not available back then. There is nothing wrong if we make the most out of them.

If you are thinking of buying a new headset, you might want to consider the best headset for PS4 under 100. This is perfect for playing your favourite games. I also have one that I only use at home, and a different headset when I am outside. I want one that is light since I also use the same headset when running around or hitting the gym. Just keep doing what makes you happy and content.

My New Hobby is Running and I Love It!

My New Hobby is Running and I Love ItRecently, I have just taken up running and it is one of the greatest sports. There are many reasons why I consider it to be so great. First, it has helped me to lose weight and start to shape up. Secondly, it is something you can do absolutely anywhere without even needing to spend money on a gym membership. Thirdly, running shoes are the only equipment you need. Lastly, it is a great sport to partake in with friends. If it is not something you have considered, you should, running is a great deal of fun and besides you get healthy doing it.

I have only been running about a month and I have already begun noticing that weight has begun dropping off. It really does burn calories and without a ton of work. Obviously, it is important to start out slow. If you go at it too fast, it can be dangerous on your body. Also, always make sure to take the time to stretch, I can’t stress that enough. I have pulled muscles by not doing that before and after a run. If you struggle, you might walk more than you run at first, but eventually, you will get there.

When you do get there, remember it can be done anywhere! This is fantastic as you don’t need a fancy gym membership. Just step out the door and move it. If you prefer to run on a treadmill go ahead, but increase the grade a little to strengthen yourself as you go. I am not a fan of the grade, but they tell me it is good. Otherwise, do what I like and hit the pavement. It is great to breathe in the fresh air.

Guess what? You don’t even have to purchase any equipment! Just a great pair of gym shoes with good supportive soles and you are good to go. That is the only investment that is important. If you don’t invest in anything else, a pair of the most comfortable running shoes is a must. It will help you by keeping your feet in tip-top shape for a very long time. This will keep you on the street running for a long time.

Lastly, I have found it encouraging to run with friends. They are a great source of encouragement. My friends and I have already signed up for our first 5K and we are ready to run our very first race in a few weeks. I am told this is a great way to stay motivated because you want to get stronger for the run, not weaker by sitting on the couch.

This is how I have fallen in love with my first month of running. Hopefully, you will find some interesting tidbits in my tiny little piece of experience. Enjoy the fresh air in your lung and length in your new found stride.

Running is not all I’m excited about in my life these days! Read this to find out why I think a water softener is the best thing ever!

Why One of My Favourite New Purchases is a Water Softener

Why One of My Favourite New Purchases is a Water SoftenerIt’s a proven fact that high-quality water is critical for good health. However, did you know that it can also save you money by utilising less energy while extending the life of you appliances? There are actual many physical and financial benefits to owning a water softener system. In fact, one of my favourite new purchases is a water softener.

Home Benefits

While hard water is safe to drink and use, it can cause several problems related to appliance usage and cleaning. Water softeners work to dilute the mineral concentrations in the water which have many benefits for my household.

Application Lifespan

Many of the minerals in hard water accumulate inside of appliances thus shortening their lifespan and decreasing efficiency. Studies have proven that water softening systems extend the life of appliances versus hard water. The longer life of appliances equates to saving money by infrequently replacing them.

Easy Cleaning

One of the leading reasons why one of my favourite new purchases is a water softener is the easier cleaning of dish and clothes. When washing dishes and clothes with hard water, white spots, soapy residue or streaks remain. Using a water softener thoroughly rinses away residue resulting in clean dishes and clothes. Also, soft water reacts well with soap and detergent thus reducing the amount required for cleaning which lowers costs.

Quicker Water Heating

Another advantage is quicker water heating for the dishwasher and in the shower. When there is mineral build-up it takes longer for the water to get hot. With a water softening system, electric and gas-powered water heaters are more efficient.


Plumbing maintenance and flow is another benefit of a soft water system. Hard water leaves mineral deposits in fixtures and pipes which accumulate over time resulting in clogs that shorten the lifespan of the plumbing system. By reducing these deposits there will be less buildup and clogs which will drastically extend the life of the plumbing and allow fixtures to operate at a higher efficiency.

Health Benefits

In addition to the many home applications of a soft water system, there are health benefits as well, including:

Sodium Levels

Salt in the water softening system removes minerals like Calcium and Magnesium during the Ion Exchange Process. This leaves higher levels of sodium in the water which dissolve toxic metals like lead and cadmium that may corrode from the pipes.


Hard water minerals interfere with cleaning tasks and combine to form soap curd. This residue is difficult to eliminate and prevents the skin from returning to its regular condition after bathing, makes hair dull and hard to manage and can cause skin irritation. A water softening system eliminates this issue as it does not contain any of the minerals that produce this residue.

There are many benefits which is why one of my favourite new purchases is a water softener. It is good for my health as well as the appliances and fixtures in my home. They are easy to use and cost-effective when compared to the need of frequently purchasing new appliances and replace plumbing systems.

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A VW Beetle fan’s new love: The self-balancing scooter


A VW Beetle fan's new love The self-balancing scooter

When the Volkswagen Beetle first landed in the United States, the overwhelming majority of people not only passed it by – but they actively ignored this “ugly” and ridiculously small vehicle in favor of gigantic cars made by American manufacturers.

There were a couple of reasons that the VW Beetle didn’t get a lot of love in its early days.

For starters, it was introduced to the United States just a few decades after the end of World War II – when people in the United States weren’t exactly excited at the prospect of purchasing vehicles directly from an industrialized Germany.

On top of that, the VW Beetle was the exact opposite of everything that America was looking for in a vehicle at that point in time. Cars were getting bigger and bigger, heavier and heavier, and as long as a football field, and then along comes this tiny little round German automobile to buck the trend.

An amazing advertising campaign (“Think Small”) from a legendary advertising firm in Chicago changed public perception of that VW in a hurry, and it went on to sell out its entire run of vehicles in record time – forcing the German automaker to kick the production into high gear to meet the demand.

Why are a Volkswagen Beetle fans falling in love with hoverboards?

Well, the same people that have fallen in love with everything that the VW Beetle draw to the table back in the 1960s are the same kinds of people that are falling in love with hoverboards or self balancing scooters.

Here are a couple of reasons why!

A quirky ride

To say that a hoverboard is a “quirky ride” just might be the understatement of the century.

It is absolutely impossible to see someone simple round on one of these scooters and not think that they are at least a little bit crazy. After all, a hoverboard looks a lot more like a motorized skateboard (road the wrong way) or a hybrid overboard like the one in Back to the Future than something comfortable and effortless to control and cruise around on.

However, just like that old school VW Beetle, the self balancing scooter is hiding a lot of advanced technology and comfort inside of an unorthodox “wrapper”.

A minimalist approach to transportation

You aren’t going to find anyone that will argue with you about whether or not the VW Beetle represented a minimalist approach to transportation when it first landed up on US shores.

Ridiculously small (the first compact, way before compact cars became anything), the VW Beetle was stripped-down, streamlined, and all about efficiency.

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get out of a hoverboard.

Compact, effortless to control, and very energy efficient of their thanks in large part to the advanced lithium ion battery technology that the overwhelming majority of these scooters run off of), you’re going to enjoy a very minimalist approach to transportation.

A little bit off of the beaten path

The kind of people that enjoy self balancing scooters (and VW Beetles) aren’t exactly your most traditional folks.

Usually very creative, a little bit quirky, and certainly taking a journey down a path not exactly well-worn, these people are always willing to try something new, always looking for something fun and exciting, and always looking to turn traditional concepts upon their heads at every opportunity.

If you’re a little bit of a wild child yourself, you might want to check out hoverboard reviews to find out what the best brands are and how each one performs. It fits perfectly in the backseat of a VW Beetle!