A VW Beetle fan’s new love: The self-balancing scooter


A VW Beetle fan's new love The self-balancing scooter

When the Volkswagen Beetle first landed in the United States, the overwhelming majority of people not only passed it by – but they actively ignored this “ugly” and ridiculously small vehicle in favor of gigantic cars made by American manufacturers.

There were a couple of reasons that the VW Beetle didn’t get a lot of love in its early days.

For starters, it was introduced to the United States just a few decades after the end of World War II – when people in the United States weren’t exactly excited at the prospect of purchasing vehicles directly from an industrialized Germany.

On top of that, the VW Beetle was the exact opposite of everything that America was looking for in a vehicle at that point in time. Cars were getting bigger and bigger, heavier and heavier, and as long as a football field, and then along comes this tiny little round German automobile to buck the trend.

An amazing advertising campaign (“Think Small”) from a legendary advertising firm in Chicago changed public perception of that VW in a hurry, and it went on to sell out its entire run of vehicles in record time – forcing the German automaker to kick the production into high gear to meet the demand.

Why are a Volkswagen Beetle fans falling in love with hoverboards?

Well, the same people that have fallen in love with everything that the VW Beetle draw to the table back in the 1960s are the same kinds of people that are falling in love with hoverboards or self balancing scooters.

Here are a couple of reasons why!

A quirky ride

To say that a hoverboard is a “quirky ride” just might be the understatement of the century.

It is absolutely impossible to see someone simple round on one of these scooters and not think that they are at least a little bit crazy. After all, a hoverboard looks a lot more like a motorized skateboard (road the wrong way) or a hybrid overboard like the one in Back to the Future than something comfortable and effortless to control and cruise around on.

However, just like that old school VW Beetle, the self balancing scooter is hiding a lot of advanced technology and comfort inside of an unorthodox “wrapper”.

A minimalist approach to transportation

You aren’t going to find anyone that will argue with you about whether or not the VW Beetle represented a minimalist approach to transportation when it first landed up on US shores.

Ridiculously small (the first compact, way before compact cars became anything), the VW Beetle was stripped-down, streamlined, and all about efficiency.

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get out of a hoverboard.

Compact, effortless to control, and very energy efficient of their thanks in large part to the advanced lithium ion battery technology that the overwhelming majority of these scooters run off of), you’re going to enjoy a very minimalist approach to transportation.

A little bit off of the beaten path

The kind of people that enjoy self balancing scooters (and VW Beetles) aren’t exactly your most traditional folks.

Usually very creative, a little bit quirky, and certainly taking a journey down a path not exactly well-worn, these people are always willing to try something new, always looking for something fun and exciting, and always looking to turn traditional concepts upon their heads at every opportunity.

If you’re a little bit of a wild child yourself, you might want to check out hoverboard reviews to find out what the best brands are and how each one performs. It fits perfectly in the backseat of a VW Beetle!