One Woman and Her VW Beetle

vw-beetle-sleepEcho McNamara is quite detached from material possessions. Her house is a simple hut with a wood-burning stove that provides both heat and her only source for cooking meals. Her closet contains only a few changes of clothing, suitable for all types of weather. While most women spend loads on health and beauty products, McNamara makes her own biodegradable, all-natural soap from scratch, and that’s the only health and beauty product she uses. Not one for worldly things, there is one item McNamara simply can’t live without. It’s her 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen experts say that the Beetle was at its prime in 1967. That year, Beetles had front end disc brakes, improved ventilation, tended to rust less than models of other years, better headlights, factory 12-volt electrics, and a very reliable 1500 single-port motor. McNamara certainly knew a thing or two when it to Beetles. A young teen in the 60’s, McNamara embraced the bohemian lifestyle of her older siblings. Her brothers were Volkswagen fanatics, and she often overheard their passionate conversations about all things Volkswagen. Thanks to her brothers’ knowledge and research, McNamara searched far and wide for a ’67 Beetle when she was ready to own a vehicle in 1985. Since then, she has not had the heart to part with her prized possession.

McNamara loved her VW Beetle so much that she outfitted the vehicle as her second home. With a cooler and stove stashed under the dashboard on the passenger side and a custom memory foam mattress that filled her back seat, McNamara is able to take her Beetle out and about for days and camp out of it at night. On some nights when she felt lonely at home, should would simply spend the night in her Beetle and feel cozy, warm, and loved. Who needs a husband when you have a ’67 Volkswagen Beetle?